Why You Need Slip-Resistant Testing

Flooring manufacturers need slip resistant information for architects, designers and engineers who evaluate surfaces for new construction to comply with national ANSI standards. Facility Directors, Managers and Supervisors need this information to make sound decisions for their Safety Program. Families need this information to keep their important ones safe.

At Slip Solutions Of Houston we can slip test a large range of surfaces, including tiles, concrete, metal, vinyl and various other types of floors. As building trends evolve and new and unique materials are used for flooring, slip-coefficient testing is important to consider. How does your floor rate on the safety scale? All walking surfaces should be tested for SCOF or DCOF levels.

We offer both in-house and field slip-resistance testing services for SCOF/DCOF ratings.  We can help test your flooring surfaces and help determine how to increase traction. Your insurance provider may offer a discount for a treated floor in your home or place of business. Call us today to schedule your slip-resistant testing.

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