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Anti-Slip Solutions for Residential Flooring

Slip Solutions of Houston has the experience and expertise to treat all floor safety issues in your home. We have anti-slip solutions that are perfect for your bath tub and shower floor. Stones, laminates, porcelains and ceramic tile surfaces can be dangerous, especially for seniors and children. Other surfaces in your home for which we recommend our anti-slip solutions include kitchen floors, laundry and any area where water comes in contact with places where you walk.

For areas outside your home, we recommend our non-slip solutions on the slippery surfaces around your patio and deck. Anti-slip pool deck solutions are one of the most requested services we provide.

We analyze and measure your slippery floor surfaces before we begin treatment, just as a doctor prescribes treatment only after running the appropriate tests to diagnose the problem. We will accurately perform a slip resistance test measuring the Coefficient of Friction BEFORE we treat your floors, then provide a written report that shows these values before and after treatment. After analysis, we use the best solution for your type of floor. Different materials react differently so it's important that the correct anti-slip solution be prescribed. Your Slip Solutions of Houston representative will discuss the procedure with you before treatment begins.

Slip Solutions of Houston will deep clean your floors and degrease them before application, or even without requesting a non-slip application.  Once the application is completed, we'll clean up and leave the area clean and safe. After treatment, we stand by our product and service with a two year warranty on all standard applications.