Hazardous Truck Beds and Trailer Floors

Why are trailer floors and truck beds so slippery?

Enclosed trailers and truck beds are designed to transport various types of cargo, from machinery to livestock. However, these areas can become quite slippery, making it challenging to secure, load and unload cargo and putting occupants at risk of injury. Fortunately, Slip Solutions of Houston has a solution.

Truck beds are often made from diamond-plate metal, wood, or factory painted metal which can become slippery due to moisture, dust and other contaminates that accumulate on their surfaces.

We can fix this!

Surfaces that are treated with a slip resistant solution can help prevent accidents from occurring. There are cost-effective and durable products to make trailer floors and truck beds safer.

Treating trailer floors and truck beds can provide numerous benefits, including increased safety and improved longevity of your vehicle, and helping to stabilize the load. To learn more about the many options we offer give us a call and let us show you what is best for your application. With our expertise and quality products, you can create a safer and more durable trailer or truck bed for all your cargo transportation needs.

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