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Anti-Slip Treatments for Hotel Bathtubs and Shower Floors

Slippery showers and bathtubs are one of the most common causes for bathroom accidents and are an expensive problem for the hospitality and healthcare industries. Some establishments use mats at the bottom of tubs and showers. While mats are a legitimate way to minimize slipping in wet areas, they are not suitable for bathtubs and shower floors. There is an alternative solution to prevent bathroom injuries!

Slip Solutions of Houston's proprietary anti-slip products are an efficient and long-lasting answer to hotel shower, bathtub, and wet sauna safety. Depending on the surface, we can apply an anti-slip sealer, an etch treatment, or our long-lasting epoxy with grit. These products are water and chemical-resistant, and offer several years of safety for your guests.

At Slip Solutions, we work with your schedule so there will be minimal interruption to your business operations. Call us today for a consultation and quote!